Hello, thanks for stopping by.

This site started out as a personal blog where I journaled random thoughts and put together sample pieces of writing.
It then evolved to a page I used to offer marketing consultancy services (what a ride that was!)

Currently, it is serving me well as a small personal corner on the internet. 

So who am I?
That would have been such a simple answer for me a year ago – I would have simply said “I’m a digital marketer” and left it at that – but, that no longer feels like the right answer because there’s so much more to it…life, work, everything…there’s more to it than we give ourselves credit for.

Since then, I’ve consulted on contracts with huge clients I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with before, started up and built my own business from the ground up, and gained a lot of valuable knowledge in areas beyond the super-limited scope I assigned myself previously.

My consultancy was meant to end earlier in 2020, but I am continuing work with one star client that I really gelled with (believe me, that’s hard to find!)

I am keeping names out of this as it’s not meant to be a portfolio, but you can get in touch if you’re moved to find out more or would like to enquire about how we can work together.